Computer und PC Reparatur in Hamburg


  • LCD Screen, display, Screen, touchscreen in the laptop exchange

  • Background light Backlight repairr

  • HDD, internal hard disc, Harddisk

  • SSD Update | from 149€

  • Loading socket, loading plug, loading connection, Charging socket, Charging Plug

  • Keyboard exchange, change swap keyboard

  • Accumulator battery exchange repair

  • Water damage repair repair | 89€ other Infomationen in addition HERE

  • Other one: Soldering, net part, fan, disc drive, Mainboard exchange, memory RAM arm extend and more.


  • Virus distance, Trojan distance, painting ware distance (file viruses or left viruses, boat sector or system viruses, worms, etc.

  • Operating system instal, software Installation (Word, Excel, Outlook, Thunderbird, anti-Vire software)

  • Optimisation, tuning, system optimisation, Benchmark, achievement test

  • Passport Word remove extinguish, password remove extinguish

  • Data protection, data rescue other Infomationen in addition HERE


Give yourselves no troubles, we do this!

  • Quotation, diagnosis, certificate

  • PC computer put together by your wishes and your budget

Frau arbeitet an Windows Laptop in Hamburg.

SSD Update with the professional: Advantages

For the purposes of the computer help in Hamburg an assistance should be really offered you in every situation. That's why the update SSD is also carried out. However, what is this generally? Becomes the SSD (abbreviation for: Solidly State Disk) updated, this is brought consequently on the newest state. This entails again that the speed can be considerably raised as well as any mistakes be repaired. Compared with the customary disc drives HDD which are mechanical these movable parts are absent with a SSD and makes them more robust. With this step the computer help stands to you in Hamburg aside and carries out within the scope of various repair, but also with pleasure regardless of these, the update SSD for you.

In the worst case: it saves your data
With different defects whether now in the hardware or software, your data can get lost. Nevertheless, this often has disastrous effects. Lost recollections and documents are here still the slightest problem. Even more it becomes awkward when important Data und Co do not exist any more. If a mistake appears, hence, on your computer, pause and do not play about now better with it. Instead, the computer help which looks consequently after the data rescue All over the country is contacted. Thus are protected – regardless of repairable or irreparable damages – all data and you must make no other thoughts around this to yourselves.

Computer or hard disc broken? helps!

If laptop or notebook are broken, the nerves lie first shiningly. Not only need your device for the work or as everyday activities. In addition, as important data, documents, Fotos und Co are on your gadget. If this is broken, this resembles nearly a disaster. Also if merely the display has shattered, a quick exchange must be guaranteed here. At least, you need your device for the writing of e-mails, the construction of presentations and more. If it is then about the quick repair service, the computer help is used in Hamburg! On this occasion, quite numerous contented customers and repaired laptops could be left. Thus it is distinguished since the foundation in 2015 by customer-oriented achievements, high-quality services and quick repair.

Repair or new acquisition? The computer help clears up!

If laptop, computer and smartphone are broken, quick action is asked. Besides, the question appears over and over again whether a new acquisition was worthwhile then compared with the repair. At least, the fear often insists that the repair service would make to you merely empty hopes for high sums. In addition, it can be at some companies often the case that the repair costs resemble the prices of a new device. Hence, the question is entitled. Nevertheless, the professional of the computer help advises you: Let a quotation decide the thing! Since as a rule a repair is worthwhile. Besides, it depends merely on the fact that you place on a professional and above all clear service. The computer help in Hamburg offers this to you and thus an investigation is always carried out before every repair. For the purposes of this your device is checked and examined on all sources of error. Consequently is also certain which repair needs and which costs will come up to you. Thus you agree in the connection a certificate which must be accepted for your part, before the computer help with the work gets cracking.

So that involving a professional repair service is worthwhile, nevertheless, really, you must instruct the serious professional. Thus go forward with the computer help transparency and honesty. If repair, changes and exchange can be carried out riskless, this is done. If the work is not worthwhile, nevertheless, any more and is worthwhile a new acquisition really more, this is also informed of you.

Computer repair with the professional or in own direction?

Even before you possibly think of the new acquisition, the flash thought often insists that you could repair your device yourselves. Here it is often supposed that cheap spare parts from the Far East, a repair set from the Internet and an easy Tutorial of Youtube were sufficient. The result are then, nevertheless, usually broken devices and at last higher costs. Since at the end the professional only right must be consulted to repair heavier damages on the computer. Say yourselves by the expert of the computer help in Hamburg that repair, exchange and change are a good idea in own direction never. Also it has started with DIY repair and has taught herself therefore all repair work in laptop, Macbook, iMac and mobile phone itself. Until these were carried out, nevertheless, successfully and cleanly, some unsuccessful attempts passed. Hence, thanks to decades of experience and high-quality professional expert's assessment you let yourselves take the advice by the computer help from Hamburg: If you liked to trust in as low as possible costs and guarantees successful repair, leave the professional to the work!

Many defects, a solution: Repair service Hamburg

Every year novelties in the technology market surprise us. Thus PC, Smartphone und Co are equipped more and more innovatively and with numerous functions. However, the technology which lies behind is as awkward and thought out.
In this sense it can come to too different disturbances which limit consequently the function or hinder even completely.
Besides, a large part of the defects originates as a result of an accident. If your portable computer from the pocket has liked, the display breaks by a fall or the children have run through the device, the worst fears become true – the complete display is broken. Just the coffee at the work often has his results. Thus you tip out this possibly over the complete keyboard or the water bottle in the pocket runs from and empties itself over your device. While with a defective display or loading socket quick remedy is asked by the exchange, this often looks different to water damages. Thus latter are especially dangerously for your device and can cost schonmal the electric death. The good news: With the reliable repair service in Hamburg you receive the first help and extensive repair for all your computer problems. Thus the computer help carries out the exchange of screens, keyboards, accumulators and loading connections which probably belong to the most frequent activities.
Moreover, it is especially irritating if your notebook shows accumulator problems. If this stands firm no more regular university days or working days, the user experience is considerably affected. Guilt for this is mostly a weak accumulator which is easily exchanged on the part of the computer of repair service in Hamburg, however. In other cases the connections do not function absolutely any more, so that the loading socket becomes useless, for example.
However, also here the computer help in Hamburg knows advice!
In short we carry out all achievements all around the computer repair in Hamburg which could be needed for you. Besides, our achievement sport folio also encloses extensive soldering or repair as well as change of fan, disc drive, Mainboard, RAM and Co.

Invisible defects: Software Repair in Hamburg

Behind PC and notebook numerous functions and technologies whose construction you cannot see are. However, also with this so-called software numerous mistakes can originate. If the computer suddenly hangs, the screen remains black, programmes do not function any more or the speed has considerably slowed down, this is due mostly to mistake in the software. These originate again often from virus, Trojan or painting product. If you have downloaded by mistake unknown files or have clicked a damaged link, these spread on your device. In this case quick help is asked. Since on the one hand virus and Trojan affect negatively the use of your computer. On the other hand, you can be also dangerous in other regards, because therefore files can be stolen by you and be used consequently. The special are known here Phishing e-mails which measure sensitive data or also Ransomware which encode your data again and blackmail you with ransom. In this case the computer help is there in Hamburg for you! Besides, your device is checked for all painting product and is released therefore from injurious viruses.
However, these must not always be a Viren und Co which give a hard time to your device. Just mistakes can exist in the operating system. In all these cases the computer help looks after your computer problems from A to Z. Thus operating systems are installed and also single Softwares on your device are transferred. If you liked to get, for example, office programmes on your PC or place on anti-Vire software, this is taken over from the computer help in Hamburg.

For better user experiences: PC tune

Even if your device shows no damage, the computer help to you is there! Maybe you would like to get out the most of your computer and tune this therefore? Besides, the armament of memory, RAM und Co is on the part of the computer help in Hamburg possibly. Just you can inform with pleasure of your concern as well as of your wishes and the professional looks after it, your device on best performance to optimise!

"Help, my laptop is broken!" Now this is to be done

Their device is damaged after an accident or gives up just slowly the mind? Then it becomes a time for! Contact for this simply the expert and let analyse laptop or PC. If the mistake diagnosis is made consequently and exists a certificate, a quotation is offered to you. If this is accepted, profit from the quick and high-quality realisation. Thus mistakes of all kind are repaired in the shortest time and the functions of your device are restored!
independently of manufacturer, professionally and clear

The search for the right repair service for your computer problems in Hamburg has an end! Since in spite of numerous suppliers in the Hamburg Hanseatic town, their port folio is often only sobering. It makes it different! Thus the professional finds, on this occasion, a solution for every defect, while profit you with irreparable damages from honesty and seriousness. Here, in addition, you never become "for these devices we carry out no repair." hear!

Since the computer help works completely independently of manufacturer and offers you therefore high-quality services with the repair of computers of all kind of current manufacturers, like Acer, Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Medion, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and many other!

Announce to all computer problems the fight and simply contact the computer help in Hamburg.