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From the passion to the occupation

Already for over 20 years I deal with the computer engineering, and from the passion became an appeal: in 2015 I founded the computer help Hamburg and stand my customers with all repair of the brand Apple, but also platform-covering and independently of manufacturer with other brands with my professionalism at the possession. Here more about my philosophy and clear consultation you find here

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Some assessments and
Customer quotations

„The service was very quick and very reliable. One gets here also nothing foisted“
„Great achievement of a passionate expert and tinkerer! Both laptops run again wonderfully, after I had already given up hope. Very quick answer, quick help and a really good price-performance ratio!“
„An honest and above all absolutely competent service - my notebook feels again like on day 1 and the prices are absolutely fair. Now I know where my future hardware problems are in good hands! Thank you very much!!!“
„Contact absolutely free of stress, to me was helped really for a great price. Very nice contact over and over again would accept I this address.“

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A clinic for theirs iMac or your Macbook


  • LCD Screen, display, Screen, touchscreen

  • Anti-reflex coating clean and remove the Staingate

  • Background light Backlight repair

  • Failure of typical wearing parts like HDD, SSD, internal hard disc, Harddisk

  • SSD Update from 149€

  • Loading socket defective, loading plug broken, loading connection, Charging socket, Charging Plug

  • Trackpad exchange

  • Keyboard exchange, change swap keyboard

  • Wearing part accumulator battery exchange

  • In addition you find graphics map graphics chip defective or graphics problem - other Infomationen here

  • Repair water damage 89€ - in addition you find other Infomationen here

  • Other one: Soldering, net part, fan, disc drive, Mainboard exchange, memories RAM arm extend and more.


  • Virus distance, Trojan distance, painting ware distance (file viruses or left viruses, boat sector or system viruses, worms, etc.

  • Operating system Mac OS X instal, software Installation (Word, Excel, Outlook, Thunderbird, anti-Vire software)

  • Optimisation, tuning, system optimisation, Benchmark, achievement test

  • Passport Word remove extinguish, password remove extinguish

  • Backup solutions

  • In addition you find data protection, data rescue other Infomationen here


Give yourselves no troubles, we do this!

  • Quotation, diagnosis, certificate

  • ... or something else

SSD Update iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Macbook Retina, Mac Mini

    SSD Update MacBook / MacBook Pro to 2012 (no  Retina)

  • Samsung 870 EVO 500GB | 159€

  • Kingston A400 480GB | 149€

  • Samsung 870 EVO 1TB | 209€

  • Kingston A400 960GB | 179€

  • with OS +35€

  • with personal data +45€

  • with Clonen of the hard disc or Timemachine backup +55€

    SSD Update MacBook / MacBook Pro / Macbook Air from 2012 Retina

  • See the table below for the compatibility of your device; there is the price list for the respective JetDrive models

  • with OS +35€

  • with personal data +45€

  • with Clonen of the hard disc or Timemachine backup +55€

    SSD Update iMac 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

  • Samsung 870 EVO 500GB | 169€

  • Kingston A400 480GB | 159€

  • Samsung 870 EVO 1TB | 219€

  • Kingston A400 960GB | 199€

  • with OS +35€

  • with personal data +45€

  • with Clonen of the hard disc or Timemachine backup +55€

    SSD Update iMac 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 / Mac Mini

  • Samsung 870 EVO 500GB | 189€

  • Kingston A400 480GB | 179€

  • Samsung 870 EVO 1TB | 239€

  • Kingston A400 960GB | 219€

  • with OS +35€

  • with personal data +45€

  • with Clonen of the hard disc or Timemachine backup +55€

  • Transcend JetDrive 500 480GB | on inquiry

  • Transcend JetDrive 500 960GB | on inquiry

  • Transcend JetDrive 520 480GB | on inquiry

  • Transcend JetDrive 520 960GB | on inquiry

  • Transcend JetDrive 720 480GB | on inquiry

  • Transcend JetDrive 720 960GB | on inquiry

  • Transcend JetDrive 725 480GB | on inquiry

  • Transcend JetDrive 725 960GB | on inquiry

  • Transcend JetDrive 820 480GB | on inquiry

  • Transcend JetDrive 820 960GB | on inquiry

  • Transcend JetDrive 825 480GB Thunderbolt | on inquiry

  • Transcend JetDrive 825 960GB Thunderbolt | on inquiry

  • Transcend JetDrive 850 480GB | on inquiry

  • Transcend JetDrive 850 960GB | on inquiry

  • Transcend JetDrive 855 480GB Thunderbolt | on inquiry

  • Transcend JetDrive 855 960GB Thunderbolt | on inquiry

The jet drive series is compatible with different Mac models.
Please, identify your Mac model here:
• Macbook:
• Macbook Air:
• Macbook Pro:
• Mac mini:
• iMac:

  • The native SSD of 11 inches MacBook air in the beginning of 2015 is compatible only with macOS if it is used as an external memory.

  • 480 GB / 960 GB of jet drive 500 support on account of mechanical restrictions not the 11-inch model of the MacBook air in the end of 2010.

  • Apple, iMac, Macbook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini and Retina if are registered trademarks of her Apple Inc.

Help to theirs iMac and Mac Mini

Because computers have her own way of life and are strained with most also in the everyday use hard, it can seem that the hardware or software has one day a problem or just one actualisation is necessary. Started with everyday duties as for example of the installation of a new Mac OS or the exchange of the too small or slow hard disc against a new SSD (Respectable Stadte drive), to additional memory or the repair of the graphics map – this are only some examples as a little bit aged Mac can be made fit and often a clear speed-Boost without big investments again reaches without having to reach equally deeply in the pocket as it is the case often with Upgrades or repair, e.g., in Apple or grave accent.
Unfortunately, one also often gets with the official appointed dealers expensive components talked into taking which mean, in the end, however, maybe no increase in the respective overall system, or, however, it one is carried out in proportion to the value and age of the Macs the too expensive repair which makes no sense.

Transparency with diagnosis and quotation

I think highly against it of honest consultation if then to her iMac or Macbook once a serious problem has: Is the repair worthwhile? Does the exchange of the component really make sense? Other components been affected by the hardware defect? Are there with the components good and favourable alternatives, without on them overcharged to new components of Apple to have to fall back? Does the planned armament of your Mac's make sense, although the overall system can derive, in the end, no benefit from that a new component?

Which problem also has always to her iMac or Mac Mini: after a detailed conversation I provide to you a clear quotation, without hidden costs, and you decide on the basis of my honest recommendation whether the armament or repair is worthwhile and in which manner, perhaps, costs can be saved.


My customers know that they get always fair prices with me!

Help to your Macbook Air, Macbook Retina, Macbook Pro

With our portable companions, the risk of damage is naturally much higher than with the desktop Mac. Stories that life wrote ...

The most expensive cup of coffee in my life

Did you just deliver the urgent article shortly before midnight that the editor actually wanted by noon and stay afloat with a good load of caffeine? It happens as it has to: a careless movement of the hand to the mobile phone, which of course has to ring, and the coffee mug pours in all its glory over the keyboard of the brand new MacBook Pro. With a lot of milk and 4 spoons of sugar in it, of course ... what now? Don't worry, disconnect your Macbook Pro from the power supply as soon as possible, wipe off the surface of the liquid, turn off the device and don't move it - and I'll see you in the morning at!

Trip cord

We all know that: the battery of your Macbook Retina is empty at exactly the right moment, but you just want to quickly send the two important emails that your bank has been waiting for yesterday while you are eating. And of course Murphy's law is being fulfilled and at that very moment her son sprints in to get a Fanta from the fridge. In short: Cable stumbling blocks, the beautiful Macbook Retina lands upside down on the floor, first diagnosis after the moment of shock: (at least) the display with backlight is gone! Is it worth repairing? I will give you the answer at Computerhilfe Hamburg!

The tricky trackpad

Somehow the trackpad on your Macbook Retina no longer works so well, it feels stiff. But at the moment you have absolutely no time, in a month there will be summer vacation and then you will have to check the Macbook. Unfortunately, you won't get there: a fortnight later the screen stays dark, nothing works anymore, panic spreads! A call to Computerhilfe Hamburg is the answer: “Come by as soon as possible!” My suspicion: the battery is at the end of its service life, has inflated and is pressing against the trackpad from below. And right! This time it was just in time, shortly before 12. The defective battery could have leaked or exploded, then the diagnosis would probably have been: death of a Macbook. But luckily you came to me at the last second and I gave "first aid"! Waiting for an appointment with Apple or Gravis could have been too late.

Whatever problem you have with your Mac: trust me, your computer is in the best of hands with Computerhilfe Hamburg, and I will try to find the best solution at a reasonable and fair price!

iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook Retina, MacBook Pro Retina Modelle

iMac 20"

  • iMac9,1 20" (A1224) MB417xx/A, MC019xx/A Anfang 2009

iMac 21,5"

  • iMac10,1 21,5" (A1311) MB950xx/A, MC413xx/A Ende 2009

  • iMac11,2 21,5" (A1311) MC508xx/A, MC509xx/A Mitte 2010

  • iMac12,1 21,5" (A1311) MC309xx/A, MC812xx/A Mitte 2011

  • iMac13,1 21,5" (A1418) MD093xx/A, MD094xx/A Ende 2012

  • iMac14,1 21,5" (A1418) ME086xx/A, ME087xx/A Ende 2013

  • iMac14,4 21,5" (A1418) MF883xx/A, MG022xx/A Mitte 2014

  • iMac16,1 21,5" (A1418) MK142xx/A, MK442xx/A Ende 2015

  • iMac18,1 21,5" (A1418) MMQA2xx/A 2017

iMac 21,5" Retina 4K

  • iMac16,2 21,5" (A1418) MK452xx/A Ende 2015

  • iMac18,2 21,5" (A1418) MNDY2xx/A, MNE02xx/A 2017

  • iMac19,2 21,5" (A2116) MRT3xx/A, MRT4xx/A 2019

iMac 24"

  • iMac9,1 24" (A1225) MB418xx/A, MB419xx/A Anfang 2009

iMac 27"

  • iMac10,1 27" (A1312) MB952xx/A, MB953xx/A Ende 2009

  • iMac11,3 27" (A1312) MC510xx/A, MC511xx/A Mitte 2010

  • iMac12,2 27" (A1312) MC813xx/A, MC814xx/A Mitte 2011

  • iMac13,2 27" (A1419) MD095xx/A, MD096xx/A Ende 2012

  • iMac14,2 27" (A1419) ME086xx/A, ME088xx/A Ende 2013

iMac 27" Retina 5K

  • iMac15,1 27" (A1419) MF886xx/A Ende 2014

  • iMac15,1 27" (A1419) MF885xx/A Mitte 2015

  • iMac17,1 27" (A1419) MK462xx/A, MK472xx/A, MK482xx/A Ende 2015

  • iMac18,3 27" (A1419) MNE92xx/A, MNEA2xx/A, MNED2xx/A 2017

  • iMac19,1 27" (A2115) MRQYxx/A, MRR0xx/A, MRR1xx/A 2019

MacBook 12" Retina

  • MacBook8,1 12" (A1534) MF855xx/A, MF865xx/A, MJY32xx/A, MJY42xx/A, MK4M2xx/A, MK4N2xx/A Anfang 2015

  • MacBook9,1 12" (A1534) MLH72xx/A, MLH82xx/A, MLHA2xx/A, MLHC2xx/A, MLHE2xx/A, MLHF2xx/A, MMGL2xx/A, MMGM2xx/A Anfang 2016

  • MacBook10,1 12" (A1534) MNYF2xx/A, MNYG2xx/A, MNYH2xx/A, MNYJ2xx/A, MNYK2xx/A, MNYL2xx/A, MNYM2xx/A, MNYN2xx/A 2017

MacBook 13"

  • MacBook5,2 13" (A1181) MB881xx/A Anfang 2009

  • MacBook5,2 13" (A1181) MC240xx/A Mitte 2009

  • MacBook6,1 13" (A1342) MC207xx/A Ende 2009 Unibody

  • MacBook7,1 13" (A1342) MC516xx/A Mitte 2010 Unibody

MacBook Air 11"

  • MacBookAir3,1 11" (A1370) MC505xx/A, MC506xx/A Ende 2010

  • MacBookAir4,1 11" (A1370) MC968xx/A, MC969xx/A Mitte 2011

  • MacBookAir5,1 11" (A1465) MD223xx/A, MD224xx/A Mitte 2012

  • MacBookAir6,1 11" (A1465) MD711xx/A, MD712xx/A Mitte 2013

  • MacBookAir6,1 11" (A1465) MD711xx/B, MD712xx/B Anfang 2014

  • MacBookAir7,1 11" (A1465) MJVM2xx/A, MJVP2xx/A Anfang 2015

MacBook Air 13"

  • MacBookAir1,1 13" (A1237) MB003xx/A Anfang 2008

  • MacBookAir2,1 13" (A1304) MB543xx/A, MB940xx/A Ende 2008

  • MacBookAir2,1 13" (A1304) MC505xx/A, MC233xx/A, MC234xx/A Mitte 2009

  • MacBookAir3,2 13" (A1369) MC503xx/A, MC504xx/A Ende 2010

  • MacBookAir4,2 13" (A1369) MC965xx/A, MC966xx/A Mitte 2011

  • MacBookAir5,2 13" (A1466) MD231xx/A, MD232xx/A Mitte 2012

  • MacBookAir6,2 13" (A1466) MD760xx/A, MD761xx/A Mitte 2013

  • MacBookAir6,2 13" (A1466) MD760xx/B, MD761xx/B Anfang 2014

  • MacBookAir7,2 13" (A1466) MJVE2xx/A, MJVG2xx/A, MMGF2xx/A, MMGG2xx/A Anfang 2015

  • MacBookAir7,2 13" (A1466) MQD32xx/A, MQD42xx/A, MQD52xx/A 2017

  • MacBookAir8,1 (A1932) MRE82xx/A, MREA2xx/A, MREE2xx/A, MRE92xx/A, MREC2xx/A, MREF2xx/A, MUQT2xx/A, MUQU2xx/A, MUQV2xx/A 2018

  • MacBookAir8,2 (A1932) MVFH2xx/A, MVFJ2xx/A, MVFK2xx/A, MVFL2xx/A, MVFM2xx/A, MVFN2xx/A, MVH62xx/A, MVH82xx/A 2019

  • MacBookAir9,1 MVH22xx/A, MVH42xx/A, MVH52xx/A, MWTJ2xx/A, MWTK2xx/A, MWTL2xx/A 2020

MacBook Pro 13", MacBook Pro Retina 13", MacBook Pro Retina 13" mit Touchbar

  • MacBookPro5,5 13" (A1278) MB990xx/A, MB991xx/A Mitte 2009

  • MacBookPro7,1 13" (A1278) MC374xx/A, MC375xx/A Mitte 2010

  • MacBookPro8,1 13" (A1278) MC700xx/A, MC724xx/A Anfang 2011

  • MacBookPro8,1 13" (A1278) MD313xx/A, MD314xx/A Ende 2011

  • MacBookPro9,2 13" (A1278) MD101xx/A, MD102xx/A Mitte 2012

  • MacBookPro10,2 13" (A1425) MD212xx/A, MD213xx/A Ende2012

  • MacBookPro10,2 13" (A1425) MD212xx/A, ME662xx/A Anfang 2013

  • MacBookPro11,1 13" (A1502) ME864xx/A, ME865xx/A, ME866xx/A Ende 2013

  • MacBookPro11,1 13" (A1502) MGX72xx/A, MGX82xx/A, MGX92xx/A Mitte 2014

  • MacBookPro12,1 13" (A1502) MF839xx/A, MF840xx/A, MF841xx/A, MF843xx/A Anfang 2015

  • MacBookPro13,1 13" (A1708) MLL42xx/A, MLUQ2xx/A Ende 2016

  • MacBookPro13,2 13" (A1706) MLH12xx/A, MLVP2xx/A, MNQF2xx/A, MNQG2xx/A, MPDK2xx/A, MPDL2xx/A Ende2016 mit Touchbar

  • MacBookPro14,1 13" (A1708) MPXQ2xx/A, MPXR2xx/A, MPXT2xx/A, MPXU2xx/A Mitte 2017

  • MacBookPro14,2 13" (A1706) MPXV2xx/A, MPXW2xx/A, MPXX2xx/A, MPXY2xx/A, MQ002xx/A, MQ012xx/A Mitte 2017 mit Touchbar

  • MacBookPro15,2 13" (A1989) MR9Q2xx/A, MR9R2xx/A, MR9T2xx/A, MR9U2xx/A, MR9V2xx/A 2018

  • MacBookPro15,2 13" (A1989) MV962xx/A, MV972xx/A, MV982xx/A, MV992xx/A, MV9A2xx/A 2019

  • MacBookPro15,4 13" (A2159) MUHN2xx/A, MUHP2xx/a, MUHQ2xx/A, MUHR2xx/A, MUHR2xx/B 2019

MacBook Pro 15", MacBook Pro Retina 15", MacBook Pro Retina 15" mit Touchbar

  • MacBookPro4,1 15" (A1260) MB133xx/A, MC134xx/A Anfang 2008

  • MacBookPro5,1 15" (A1286) MB470xx/A, MB471xx/A Ende 2008

  • MacBookPro5,3 15" (A1286) MC118xx/A, MB985xx/A, MB986xx/A Mitte 2009

  • MacBookPro6,2 15" (A1286) MC371xx/A, MC372xx/A MC373xx/A Mitte 2010

  • MacBookPro8,2 15" (A1286) MC721xx/A, MC723xx/A Anfang 2011

  • MacBookPro8,2 15" (A1286) MD318xx/A, MD322xx/A Ende 2011

  • MacBookPro9,1 15" (A1286) MD103xx/A, MD104xx/A Mitte 2012

  • MacBookPro10,1 15" (A1398) MC975xx/A, MC976xx/A Mitte 2012

  • MacBookPro10,1 15" (A1398) ME644xx/A, ME665xx/A Anfang 2013

  • MacBookPro11,2 15" (A1398) ME293xx/A Ende 2013

  • MacBookPro11,3 15" (A1398) ME294xx/A Ende 2013

  • MacBookPro11,2 15" (A1398) MGXA2xx/A Mitte 2014

  • MacBookPro11,3 15" (A1398) MGXC2xx/A Mitte 2014

  • MacBookPro11,4 15" (A1398) MJLQ2xx/A Mitte 2015

  • MacBookPro11,5 15" (A1398) MJLT2xx/A, MJLU2xx/A Mitte 2015

  • MacBookPro13,3 15" (A1707) MLH32xx/A, MLH42xx/A, MLH52xx/A, MLW72xx/A, MLW82xx/A, MLW92xx/A Ende 2016 mit Touchbar

  • MacBookPro14,3 15" (A1707) MPTR2xx/A, MPTT2xx/A, MPTU2xx/A, MPTV2xx/A, MPTW2xx/A, MPTX2xx/A Mitte 2017 mit Touchbar

  • MacBookPro15,1 15" (A1990) MR932xx/A, MR942xx/A, MR952xx/A, MR962xx/A, MR972xx/A, MUQH2xx/A 2018

  • MacBookPro15,3 15" (A1990) MV902xx/A, MV912xx/A, MV922xx/A, MV932xx/A, MV942xx/A, MV952xx/A 2019

MacBook Pro 16"

  • MacBookPro16,1 16" (A2141) MVVJ2xx/A, MVVK2xx/A, MVVL2xx/A, MVVM2xx/A 2019

MacBook Pro 17"

  • MacBookPro4,1 17" (A1261) MB166xx/A Anfang 2008

  • MacBookPro5,2 17" (A1297) MB604xx/A Anfang 2009

  • MacBookPro5,2 17" (A1297) MC226xx/A Mitte 2009

  • MacBookPro6,1 17" (A1297) MC024xx/A Mitte 2010

  • MacBookPro8,3 17" (A1297) MC725xx/A Anfang 2011

  • MacBookPro8,3 17" (A1297) MD311xx/A Ende 2011