Our experienced engineers offer all services for a smartphone to repair which you need – and with a high degree of quality and efficiency. If you book a mobile phone repair, we guarantee like with all our achievements that you are contented with the process and the result.

It is a high-class service, a high expert's assessment and above all an honestly and clear consultation and communication – this what the customers and customers Computerhilfe-Hamburg to the Hamburg supplier confirm in the assessments of the services. On the independent main entrance "", a scion of 11880, Computerhilfe-Hamburg could recently book even one of the first three places in the segment data rescue and smartphone repair.

Just in the latter area the need becomes increasingly bigger:
Many manufacturers of the modern smartphone flagships book her mobile devices only with a one-year-old manufacturer's guarantee. Defects in selfdebt are repaired without separately concluded and mostly cost-intensive smartphone assurance not or only for excessive repair prices. Who looks for a reasonable and expert repair option, that makes a find with the local Hamburg offer from
Customers profit from long-standing technical expert's assessment which decreases to 20-year-old practical experiences in the smartphone and computer segment.

Apple iPhone-REPAIR (iOS)

The accumulator is fast unloaded or does not have any more the accustomed achievement?
Smartphone accumulators lose with the time to achievement and hold not even out in many cases any more one day. We have many customers with this smartphone problem to ourselves want to come and allow to carry out a professional smartphone repair. By a smartphone accumulator exchange we can help to help your smartphone again too longer achievement.

iPhone Model:

• iPhone 4 / 4s | A1332, A1349, A1387, A1431

• iPhone 5 | A1428, A1429, A1442

• iPhone 5c | A1456, A1507, A1516, A1526, A1529, A1532

• iPhone 5s | A1453, A1457, A1518, A1528, A1530, A1533

• iPhone 6 | A1549, A1586

• iPhone 6+ | A1522, A1524
• iPhone 6s | A1633, A1688, A1700

• iPhone 6s+ | A1634, A1687, A1699

• iPhone SE | A1723
• iPhone 7 | A1660, A1778

• iPhone 7+ | A1661, A1784
• iPhone 8 | A1863, A1905

• iPhone 8+ | A1864, A1897
• iPhone X | A1865, A1901

• iPhone XS | A2097

• iPhone XS Max | A2101

• iPhone XR | A2105
• iPhone 11 | A2111, A2223, A2221
• iPhone 11 Pro | A2160, A2217, A2215

• iPhone 11 Pro Max | A2161, A2220, A2218

• iPhone SE 2. Generation 2020 | A2275, A2298, A2296

• iPhone 12 | A2172, A2402, A2404, A2403

• iPhone 12 Mini | A2176, A2398, A2400, A2399

• iPhone 12 Pro | A2341, A2406, A2408, A2407

• iPhone 12 Pro Max | A2342, A2410, A2412, A2411

Accumulator exchange *
• iPhone 4 / 4s | on inquiry

• iPhone 5 | on inquiry

• iPhone 5c | on inquiry

• iPhone 5s / SE | on inquiry

• iPhone 6 / 6+ | 49€
• iPhone 6s / 6s+ | 49€
• iPhone 7 / 7+ | 59€
• iPhone 8 / 8+ | 69€
• iPhone X | 89€
• iPhone XS / XS Max / XR | 159€
• iPhone 11 | on inquiry
• iPhone 11 Pro | on inquiry

• iPhone 11 Pro Max | on inquiry

• iPhone SE 2. Gen. | on inquiry

• iPhone 12 | on inquiry

• iPhone 12 Mini | on inquiry

• iPhone 12 Pro | on inquiry

• iPhone 12 Pro Max | on inquiry

Your smartphone has a broken display or your smartphone display does not indicate the user interface any more correctly?
We use exclusively qualitative complete displays (glass & LCD).

Display exchange * - Refurbished / Original / OLED / AMOLED against surcharge possibly

• iPhone 4 / 4s | on inquiry

• iPhone 5 | on inquiry

• iPhone 5c | on inquiry

• iPhone 5s | on inquiry

• iPhone 6 | from 69€

• iPhone 6+ | from 89€
• iPhone 6s / 6s+ | from 69€
• iPhone 7 | from 69€

• iPhone 7+ | from 79€
• iPhone 8 / SE 2020 | from 139€

• iPhone 8+ | from 159€
• iPhone X | from 219€
• iPhone XS | from 259€
• iPhone XS Max | from 349€
• iPhone XR | from 189€
• iPhone 11 | on inquiry
• iPhone 11 Pro | on inquiry

• iPhone 11 Pro Max | on inquiry

• iPhone SE 2. Gen. | from 139€

• iPhone 12 | on inquiry

• iPhone 12 Pro | on inquiry


• iPhone 7 Backcover | 119€
• iPhone 7+ Backcover | 119€
• iPhone 8 Backcover Glas | 149€
• iPhone 8+ Backcover Glas | 149€
• iPhone X Backcover Glas | 179€
• iPhone XS Backcover Glas | 179€
• iPhone XR Backcover Glas | 179€

Samsung (Android)

We use exclusively qualitative original displays (glass & LCD). **
The prices are calculated without baking cover / accumulator lid which is often required with.



• A3 2017 (A320F) | on inquiry
• A5 2017 (A520F) | on inquiry
• A6 2018 (A600F) | on inquiry
• A7 2018 (A750F) | on inquiry
• A8 2018 (A530F) | on inquiry
• A9 2018 (A920F) | on inquiry

• A10 (A105F) | on inquiry

• A20 (A205F) | on inquiry

• A30 (A305F) | on inquiry

• A40 (A405F) | on inquiry
• A50 (A505F) | on inquiry

• A60 (A606F) | on inquiry
• A70 (A705F) | on inquiry
• A80 (A805F) | on inquiry
• A90 (A908F) | on inquiry


• S6 (G920F) | on inquiry

• S6 Edge (G925) | on inquiry
• S7 (G930F) | on inquiry

• S7 Edge (G935) | on inquiry
• S8 (G950F) | on inquiry

• S8 Plus (G955) | on inquiry
• S9 (G960F) | on inquiry

• S9 Plus (G965F) | on inquiry
• S10 (G973F) | on inquiry

• S10 Plus (G975F) | on inquiry
• S20 (G980F) | on inquiry

• S20 Plus (G985F) | on inquiry

• S21 (G991B) | on inquiry

• S21 Plus (G996B) | on inquiry

• J3 2017 (J330F) | on inquiry
• J5 2017 (J530F) | on inquiry
• J6 2018 (J600F) | on inquiry
• J7 2017 (J730F) | on inquiry


• Note 8 (N950F) | on inquiry
• Note 9 (N960F) | on inquiry
• Note 10 (N970F) | on inquiry

• Note 20 (N980F) | on inquiry

>>> other models with pleasure on inquiry <<<

Huawei (Android & EMUI)

We use exclusively qualitative original displays (glass & LCD). **
The prices are calculated without baking cover / accumulator lid which is often required with.


• Honor 7 | on inquiry
• Honor 8 | on inquiry

• Honor 8 Pro | on inquiry

• Honor 9 | on inquiry
• Honor 9 Pro | on inquiry
• Honor 10 | on inquiry

• Honor 10 Lite | on inquiry

• Honor 20 | on inquiry

• Honor 20 Pro | on inquiry


• Mate 8 | on inquiry
• Mate 9 | on inquiry

• Mate 10 | on inquiry
• Mate 10 Pro | on inquiry
• Mate 20 | on inquiry

• Mate 20 Pro | on inquiry

• Mate 30 | on inquiry

• Mate 30 Pro | on inquiry

• Mate 40 | on inquiry

• Mate 40 Pro | on inquiry

• P8 | on inquiry

• P9 | on inquiry
• P10 | on inquiry
• P20 Pro | on inquiry
• P30 | on inquiry
• P30 Pro | on inquiry
• P40 | on inquiry
• P40 Pro | on inquiry

• P Smart | on inquiry

• P Smart Pro | on inquiry

>>> other models with pleasure on inquiry <<<

Xiaomi (Android)

We use exclusively qualitative original displays (glass & LCD). **
The prices are calculated without baking cover / accumulator lid which is often required with.

• Mi 8 | on inquiry

• Mi 8 Pro | on inquiry
• Mi 9 | on inquiry

• Mi 9 Pro | on inquiry

• Mi 10 | on inquiry

• Mi 10 Pro | on inquiry

• Mi 11 | on inquiry

• Mi 11 Ultra | on inquiry

• Mi Max 2 | on inquiry
• Mi Max 3 | on inquiry
• Mi Mix 2 | on inquiry
• Mi Mix 3 | on inquiry


• Mi Note 10 | on inquiry
• Mi Note 10 Pro | on inquiry

​• Pocophonoe F1 | on inquiry

​• Poco F2 Pro | on inquiry

​• Poco F3 | on inquiry

​• Poco M3 | on inquiry

​• Poco M3 Pro | on inquiry

• Redmi 6 | on inquiry
• Redmi 7 | on inquiry
• Redmi 8 | on inquiry

• Redmi 9 | on inquiry

• Redmi Note 4 | on inquiry
• Redmi Note 5 | on inquiry

• Redmi Note 5 Pro | on inquiry

• Redmi Note 6 | on inquiry

• Redmi Note 6 Pro | on inquiry

• Redmi Note 7 | on inquiry

• Redmi Note 7 Pro | on inquiry

• Redmi Note 8 | on inquiry

• Redmi Note 8 Pro | on inquiry

• Redmi Note 9 | on inquiry

• Redmi Note 9 Pro | on inquiry

• Redmi Note 10 | on inquiry

• Redmi Note 10 Pro | on inquiry

>>> other models with pleasure on inquiry <<<

From Apple through Samsung and Huawei up to Xiaomi – all smartphones are repairable

The scenery of the mobile phones is big and the model variety further grows: Optically the devices are similar visibly. For the layman it is often to be recognised only the second time one looks whether it concerns by the devices a high final smartphone of the Californian manufacturer Apple or the prize Leistungs man of many talents Xiaomi.

Nevertheless, one is common to the different models: A defect is always irritating. With the more favourable models a repair can cross even the current value of the smartphones: an economic total loss which advises many mobile phone users and smartphone owners a new acquisition.

An absolutely lucrative and alternative option is the claim of repair services of certificated third suppliers. This is valid in particular when the one-year-old mobile phone guarantee has already run off and/or the repair stands with the manufacturer even in no economic relation to the value of the used device. The repair with local offers like Computerhilfe-Hamburg has a determining advantage: The consultation can take place directly on site. In this manner repair options can be discussed in a personal consultation and be weighed out.

The aim: an economic and quick repair, straightened on the claims and needs of the customer and his mobile phone. The personal consultation in Hamburg avoids dispatch ways. The result: Customer holds the terminal inalienable in the today's time already after a short time again with the hands.

Computerhilfe-Hamburg has specialised with her smartphone-repair services in particular in the following manufacturers: Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi. The possibility of the inquiry for the repair of another device as for example: "HTC, Nokia, Sony, ZTE und Co" is possible of course any time.

In a personal and honest consultation is cleared together with the customer, to what extent a repair of the individual defect possibly and is profitable economically. You can contact us about the contact form.

Professional repair as a guarantee for unlimited functionality

The probably most frequent and damage unsightliest at the same time is the classical display damage. It is enough not to be attentive once and the heart of the device is already defective. Even if the mobile phone is equipped with bullet-proof glass and cover, are already sufficient a fall from low height and unfavorable whipping of the device on the ground or also a knocked down glass to split the display.
A display damage was to be equated long time with a total loss of the device: Contents are not readable about the display any more and also the service is not possible if necessary any more or only restrictedly.

On the Internet circulated numerous Repair-Kits and Tutorials which suggest, a personal repair is feasible at best at few minutes. Experts advise mobile phone users without practical and technical repair experience against this possibility. Lacking experience and the design of the modern devices which places increasingly on Verklebung instead of on screw connection shows a big hurdle. A wrong handle is sufficient to damage the optically defective device also technically irreparable. Then a renewed repair is not possible if necessary any more or only under the highest expenditure and higher costs. While opening the device, it can come in spite of all care for light damages which are due not to improper treatment, but on the strong sticking and components which make more difficult this.

Possibly secondary damages, also are so the secondary damages in the hardware which are due immediately to a not expertly carried out repair. A classical situation from the past: With the introduction of the Touch-ID technology Apple for the repair of the Homebuttons put a new hurdle: Is to be exchanged of the Homebutton at first sight with only few handles, it requires some degree in expert's assessment to exchange the exchanged Homebutton and integrated fingerprint sensor.
Same is valid for Samsung and Huawei smartphones by which secondary damages also belong to the everyday life: Part functions the failure threatens with an improper repair. A resale of the smartphones is not possible any more or only for a price which clearly lies under the current value of the hardware.

Achievement spectrum and damage scenarios - clear consultation and quick service for the fair price

Every damage is individual!
Professional repair service providers take the damage in inspection and consult according to device on the possibilities and economic efficiency of a repair. However, the options which a professional repair can offer are promising: It not always is the display which must be exchanged.
A frequent problem of older models: On account of a defective loading socket the devices cannot be loaded any more. An irritating case, because the actually still technically flawless device is useless after at the latest two days and refuses his service completely.

Who looks in Hamburg for a professional repair service provider, finds in not only a partner who carries out the exchange of single, defective components: Often is not localizeable immediately which technical component is damaged. This is, for example, with a water damage the case.

On the basis of a diagnosis specific for device the components injured by the liquid can be analysed and be repaired individually or be renewed. A repair consultation is non-binding for the customers of the computer help Hamburg.

Can be exchanged and be repaired the following components of most smartphone manufacturers: Display and accumulator lid, accumulator and battery, sensors like the Proximity sensor, the loading electronics of the loading socket after a water damage, aerials, Bluetooth and Wi Fi components, loudspeaker and auricle, earphone socket and loading socket as well as the earpiece and the microphones. Also counters, head Backkamera, Selfi or baking camera as well as every badge can be substituted by the topical devices. Difficult cases they must be soldered like z.b.: Camera intercity train connector, Backlight intercity train, air intercity train, U2 case intercity train or the map reader SD or map readers SIM needs of a special treatment.

Problem case accumulator: Accumulator exchange at only few minutes

Not only by smartphones, but also by new laptop devices the accumulator is more and more often a firm component of the hardware. Technically flawless devices become useless by an accumulator defect therefore, although it concerns with the battery component a relatively favourable wearing part. However, also the problem of a battery enough efficient not more torments the users in the everyday life. Many terminal users have surprised that the exchange of the accumulator with only few handles is possible and helps the apparently worn device to the new efficiency which amounts to that of a new device.

An accumulator exchange is not planned by the leading manufacturers as a rule. Bonding provide for the fact that secondary damages are not avoidable with a self-carried out accumulator exchange. Remedial action take the repair services of Computerhilfe-Hamburg which help themselves of procedures specific for manufacturer to carry out the accumulator exchange carefully and with lasting effect.

Certificated components and genuine parts

For the smartphone repair Computerhilfe-Hamburg – where possibly – uses original manufacturer's components. However, many spare parts are not made available by the manufacturers, because to themselves these would like to protect the monopoly on repair. The several times excellent smartphone repairer from Hamburg uses on the basis of a long-standing experience certificated spare parts same to construction which guarantee an unlimited functionality of the devices.

*es gives to buy no genuine parts for these devices; here are used display LED. OLED, AMOLED, Copy or Refurbished displays against surcharge possibly

** it are used, provided that possibly, genuine parts. The baking cover becomes, provided that urgently, with exchanges!

Prize state: Changes and mistakes reserve!
Prices in Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi can deviate, because here only the price of the display colour is quoted "black".
For other colours please the contact possibilities are of use, with pleasure by e-mail.

This is behind the IP certification

Splash! Just not paid attention and the mobile phone is gone down in the toilet or in the bath. As practical it would be to be able to protect the mobile phone against the results of such bad luck. The devices which are protected before water and dust already offer a row of manufacturers. has investigated and found out whether smartphones are really suitable for dives and what has it, besides, with the protective classes IP on itself.

Table of contents

  1. What do mean protective classes IP?

  2. Watertight smartphones – So the code of the IP certification reads

  3. Watertight smartphones at the market

  4. Juridical consequences of the IP certification

  5. When are water damages insured?

  6. "Help, my mobile phone has liked in the water!" - tips for wet smartphones

  7. Result

As a constant companion the smartphone has become a "good friend", the suitable protection should get to know. At least, it is not only an easy device, but offers with his multifunctional possibilities a relief of the everyday life. Whenever it likes, it permits entries in the notebook, insights into the photo album, e-mail post office box or in the appointment calendar or plays the favorite songs and favorite series. As a megaphone to the world it is the computer par excellence which nowadays only reluctantly is renounced.

If it recently was worth still as a mania-witty image to call away news in the bath recumbent on the smartphone, today it is not so wrong at all. These must not be any more this unwieldy, heavy and mobile phones unsightl to be looked from the Outdoor segment. However, thus properly one does not trust to the new smartphones resistant to water or watertight of Apple, Samsung and LG also even today above the way. The fear of a short circuit is too big. How smart are the topical mobile phones real concerning her water resistance? Besides, it is also not so unlikely that liquid reaches mistakenly the smartphone. Why do not buy directly a smartphone which is at the same time dust and water-protected? However, the electronics devices which are watertight or waterproof must be certificated after suitable standards.

1) What do mean protective classes IP?

What does one recognise now by, how watertight a mobile phone is? The IP certification betrays it! If a device can serve generally this, one bumps now and then in the advertisement of smartphones into codes like IP56, IP67 or IP68. This is the protective class IP which sounds cryptic first though, still, however, easily is to be deciphered. These protective classes stand for devices which can survive in humid or dusty surroundings without damages and show no security risk. The "IP" is on the brink in this connection for International Protection Mark and becomes from the international electrotechnical commission (: IEC) award. It means so much like protection against penetration. How far the protection exactly goes against the penetration of foreign bodies and liquids for the present electric device, is to be read with the help of two figures after the letters "IP". The first identity figure calls the protection against penetration of firm foreign bodies, like sand or dust, the second figure describes the protection before the penetration of liquids. Waterproof is not equally watertight, on this occasion, it is distinguished between waterproof, resistant to water and water resistantly. If X or 0 stands here of a figure, moreover there is no information.

2) Watertight smartphones – So the code of the IP certification reads

Samsung Galaxy S5 which is certificated possibly after the protective class IP67 has something that the Galaxy S6 does not offer: It is completely a protected in dust and waterproof. After the IP67 certification the inner life is absolutely dust-thick and gets over a half-hour diving bath up to a depth of 1 metre easily. The condition is that all covers as well as the case are properly closed. For example, the protective class IP68 which reaches a higher water density would be even more effectively.


IP Protective classes - so the code is read:

Watertight smartphones
The 1st identity figure = example: IP67
Protection against foreign body and touch to German Institute for Standardization EN 60529

Identity figure = Like by dust protected?

0 = No protection

1 = Protected against firm foreign bodies with a diameter from 50 mm & protection against the access with the back of the hand

2 = Protected against firm foreign bodies with a diameter from 12.5 mm & protection against the access with a finger

3 = Protected against firm foreign bodies with a diameter from 2.5 mm & protection against the access with tools

4 = Protected against firm foreign bodies with a diameter from 1 mm & protection against the access with a wire

5 = Protected by dust in not damaging amount & entire protection against touch

6 = Dust-close & entire protection against touch

Watertight smartphones
The 2nd identity figure = example: IP67
Protection by liquid to German Institute for Standardization EN 60529

Identity figure = Like by water protected?

0 = No protection

1 = Protection by rogue's water

2 = Protection by falling rogue's water (with up to 15 ° inclination)

3 = Protection by falling spray water (to 60 ° against the perpendicular)

4 = Protection by general hose water

5 = Protection by general ray water

6 = Protection by general strong ray water

7 = Protection against temporary disappearing (during 30 minutes in up to 1-metre-deep water)

8 = Protection against durable ducking at 1.5-metre depth

9 = Protection by water with high-pressure cleaning or steam cleaning

Therefore, mobile phones with an IP class which have 7 at the end as the second identity figure are really protected against a brief bain-marie and also get over a violent shower regardless of. While usual mobile phones would suffer a defect without protection probably directly, the watertight mobile phones stand it, besides, already if about them a drink is buried, it falls accidentally in a puddle or in the swimming-pool briefly in the washbasin.

In parallel with the quality of the water density smartphones have integrated as a rule also a protection by dust. Really small dust particles in the inner life of a mobile phone do not arrange a lot of destruction, however, mostly IP-certificated devices are also protected against bigger objects than dust. Even if this does not show the quite big sales argument for the manufacturers, this quality is interesting at least for those and makes sense which get into contact, for example, professionally with rests of fine pored construction components. It is advantageous also that fine little dust particles cannot find differently than earlier any more the way behind the display and not disturb the view of the screen contents accordingly any more.

3) Watertight smartphones at the market

Some manufacturers have themselves in the latest past with her smartphones particularly hervorgetan. With under the best smartphones are the usual suspects, how the new iPhone generation of Apple and the model Galaxy S9 of Samsung. In the list of the most popular mobile phones one can watch On and from some models day-topically. In the first half of the top smartphones are found of course also the iPhones of Apple, models of Sony (Xperia), Samsung, LG, HTC or even Huawei.

Figures and opinions of top mobile phones change every now and then. The IP certifications of the mobile phones will award once and continue permanently:

List with IP certificated smartphones:


Though own in protective kind IP of certificated smartphones, according to model, very good protection from dust and penetrating liquids; and are convincing by her smart and thin optics. These qualities from a smartphone still still make long no Outdoor smartphone. Outdoor devices are especially resistant and robust, resist with ease pushes, vibrations, falls and extreme temperatures. With it they are more difficult, often with an elastic sheath to coated, and are bulkier; what she is suited very well as building site mobile phones or for craftsmen. Climbing, jogging or a bicycle tour with the mountain bike is also very well possible with the devices. Who stays often and with pleasure outdoors and is active, nothing makes with a "real" Outdoor device as a reliable companion wrong - however, a shed equipment must accept as a rule.

4) Juridical consequences of the IP certification

The certification of smartphones with a protective class after the IP standard is not only advertising-effective, but also allows an objective comparison about the dust density and water density to buyers. Even if the devices promise perfect protection by dust and lasting ducking, the depths of the sea should not be explored with the devices. This is due to the fact not possibly in the depth restriction, but that the whole IP standard refers to the application in fresh water. The aggressive salted water (and also chlorine and other chemicals) attacks within the shortest time the Lötverbindungen and poetries on the boards of the devices, so that a watertight mobile phone loses his protective effect in the long-term contact.

If the device by salted water is damaged by selffault, the manufacturers do not arise for a repair or a spare device. As for the rest the guarantee of the manufacturers reaches only if the certain instructions which are to be read up in the small print in the general regulations are obeyed. It is to be seen, for example, always to the fact that all connections and covers are firmly closed.

Always in the back of the head should be kept that the tests take place for the classification in the IP code under ideal lab terms and with factory-new devices. In other words: Instead of coke, water was used. The devices were tested not in five metres of depth, but only in 1 metre. In the quiet test washbasin also gave no big Aufwirbelungen which could originate from playing children in the paddling pool.
Used devices lose with the time in natural manner successive her protection. Worn poetries and small pushes which lead to tiny tears affect the protective function. That's why with a two year-old mobile phone which shows a relatively high IP certification should not become any more completely so carefree handled.

5) When are water damages insured?

"My mobile phone has swallowed too much water, when does the manufacturer stick?"

In principle there are two possibilities. Ideally the legal guarantee of 24 months has not went out in the case of damage yet and a substitute of the new smartphones is put. However, the condition that the trader takes back the device or exchanges is that the lack was not caused unambiguously by closing the mobile phone user. However, in most cases inattentiveness and carelessness are the reasons, why the mobile phone fell in the loo or in the wash basin.

For the newest smartphones the end of a mobile phone assurance which covers damages by penetrating water can be worthwhile. On this occasion, the assurances make a distinction whether the liquid damage within the usual use has entered. If the smartphone slides with the phoning mistakenly from the hand in a puddle, it is insured. If one runs longer time during the phoning by the flowing out rain or uses a mobile phone on the air bed on the Baltic Sea, coarse carelessness is given. The assurance would be obliged in these cases not to achievements.

By the way: Professional forces can very simply find out whether a water damage has appeared. A sensor in the devices gives explanation about whether this came to contact with liquids. Is in such a way, the colour stripe is activated and the guarantee goes out.

6) "Help, my mobile phone has liked in the water!" - tips for wet smartphones
Moreover the link to my side about
water damage

7) Result

One must be no full-time adventurer or mine worker to estimate the advantages of dust-thick and watertight smartphones. With an unexpected champagne shower, a storm on an OpenAir festival or if the device "quite classically" in the toilet most awkwardly, one is armed with an IP-certificated smartphone.

If the decision has liked for a dust-protected and watertight mobile phone, a look in the protection-identity figures shown on top gets the necessary overview. With the higher protective classes IP like IP67 and IP68 one is already well-advised as a rule. If the manufacturer's tips are perused in rest and with care, nothing more stands to the fun with wind, weather and other rough conditions ways.

However, the best means are quite unequivocal: Allow to handle carefully with his device and not come it at all so far – this saves an amount of nerve and a possible new purchase at the end.